Saturday, 23 April 2011

Generation One Chapter One

I looked around my new 'home'. I was less than satisfied of what I was given if I ever needed to escape from anything or anyone.

My new 'home' consisted of a bed, a fridge, a table, a chair, a shower, a mirror, a toilet and a sink....not a bit as luxurious as my old home.

I looked at my furniture, the quality was horrendous! I suddenly burst into tears after looking at everything. What had I done? I couldn't go back there....I couldn't go back and face the pain 

I took a cab to the library, my dream was to be a journalist and I NEEDED to search the web to find a job.

The library was huge and so grand! It was paradise for a bookworm like myself. 

I searched online for jobs in journalism. But all of them needed qualifications and stuff like that. Sighing I settled for a job of a paper girl, I got an alright pay from it and that was all I needed.

I began typing up my first novel When The Sun Sets; a romantic tragedy.

"Nice writing" a voice said from behind me.

I had a mini heart attack. I looked behind me and a lady with a bright pink bob and shirt smiled at me.

I got up from my seat and shook the girl's hand.

"I'm AJ" she said.

"I'm Abigail" I smiled shaking her hand.

It turned out we had a lot in common and we became fast friends

I saw a man out of the corner of my eye. 

"AJ, who's that guy over there?" I asked wavering towards him.

"Oh him; he's Xander Clavell, one of the biggest party animals in Sunset Valley. But also one of the biggest assholes" she said in disgust. Her phone vibrated in her pocket. 
"Oh crap!" she exclaimed. "I gotta go, bye Abigail"

I decided to talk to this Xander guy, I have to admit I was a bit of a party animal and I loved to have fun!

"Hi" I said.

"Hey" he replied. "You new here?"

"Yeah, I'm Abigail"

"I'm Xander, nice to meet you" we shook hands.

We talked and talked and realized we had a bit in common. It was fun talking to him.

"Oh god; you're just so beautiful" he murmured. I blushed, my face going scarlet. 
 And then he took hold of my waist, pulled me in a kissed me. 

"Oh crap! I'm sorry Abi!" he said.

"It's okay" I said.

"How about we go out for dinner? My treat" he asked. "The Bistro"

"The Bistro?!" I exclaimed. That place coast like $70 for one person!

"Yeah sure, I'll meet you there at six" he smiled. I grinned back.

I met him at six at the Bistro. The food was just amazing! We talked and talked. I told him about how I came from Bridgeport, he seemed fascinated by how glitzy and glamorous the city was!

Then after dinner I remembered something; my guilty secret.

"Xander...I can't do this....I can't!" I said.

"Can't do what? What can't you do?" he asked his eyes full of concern.

"I just can't..." I sobbed.

"Honey it's okay" he said putting an arm on my shoulder. The whole of the bistro was staring at me thinking I was made. But I didn't give a shit, at least someone cared about me.

Xander had called a cab to take me home and had given me some money for the fare. 

I went to bed with a smile on my face. It would be alright. Everything would be perfect

But all I could dream about was this man. He smiled menacingly.

"You might think you've escaped but just remember I always win! There's no use hiding I'm gonna find you, 'sweetie'

Thank you for reading :)

AJ was created by JewelsRule  

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