Friday, 3 June 2011

Generation One Chapter Seven

Just one day after I had given birth I heard the doorbell ring. It was AJ.

"ABI! He's gorgeous!" AJ said. "What's his name?"

"Brendan" I replied.

"Aww. Hello Brendan" she smiled and cooed over him.

"So what brings you here?" I asked.

"Well's about your mother-in-law; Bessie" she said.

"What about her?" I asked.

"She's getting old and right now she's getting weak. She can't manage to carry her shopping from the market anymore" AJ replied. 

So Xander spent the whole of the day with his mother. I think that Bessie was so happy to spend her whole day with her son at the park smiling and laughing just how they did when Xander was a little boy. 

"I love you Xander. You have a beautiful wife and beautiful children. I'm so proud, I love you with all my heart my dear son" Bessie said and she hugged Xander as tears welled up in both of their eyes.

The next day I was feeding Brendan when Xander walked into the nursery, tears streaming down his face.

I put Brendan down in his crib and Xander came over to me.

"Honey, is there something wrong?" I asked.

"She....She's....Mum's dead..." he said so quietly it was almost a whisper and he fell apart as I held him in my arms.

We had kept Bessie's memory alive by showing the girls old photos of their grandparents.

"Becca that's Grandma right there" said Xander pointing to one of the photos.

"Gwanma" Becca repeated. 

I had also been asked by local celebrity Gus Hart to write a book for him. I did so and when  I reported back to him he was thrilled with my writing and gave me $8000! 

We had decided to throw a party for Brendan's birthday and invited friends and family. Cindy's little girl had aged up into an adorable child, she was always so nice to everyone.

I blew out the candles for Brendan.

He grew up into such a cute, beautiful little boy. He had apparently inherited his hair colour from Bessie.  We were all celebrating when we heard a scream from outside.


It was AJ....AJ in labour! I called for a Taxi and it drove us to the hospital.

Xander's POV

"I miss her Dad" I said. "I really miss her"

"It's okay son. I miss her too. I want her back. I love your mother. I love her with every bit inside of me. I just want to be with her. I want to tell her how beautiful. I want to speak to her even if it's only five seconds. I would do anything to be with her Xander; anything" Dad said holding me in his arms like he did when Gran died all those years before.

Suddenly Dad was lifted off of his feat and sparkles possessed him.

"D....Dad...whats going on?" I asked him.

"My wish came true Xander. I'm going to be with your mother." he replied.

"WAIT DAD! You can't. What about Brendan, Becca and Bonnie? What about Abigail? What about me Dad? You can't die not now, I'll call an ambulance, I'll do anything!" I cried.

"It's too late Xander, don't cry, don't be sad. I'll be with your mother now and that's all that I could ask for" he said.

"Xander" he said. "Promise me you'll do these things"

"Anything Dad" I replied.

I looked into his eyes.

"Number one; treat your wife with respect, she is a beautiful, amazing and inspirational person; people like her don't come around often" he said.

"Number Two; Love all your children equally, they're so precious and cling onto each memory, they grow up so fast, it's insane; just love them with all your heart."

"I do love them, I love my wife and my children with all of my heart, I love them so much" I replied.

"I know son. Just as I love you" he said.

"Even though you're a criminal?" I asked.

"Even though you're a criminal" Dad replied. Those were his last words.

"Dad....I'm sorry...I'm so so sorry" I wept. "I'm so so sorry, I'm worse than a criminal....I'm so sorry" 

"Xander.....what just happened? You're a....criminal?" said a voice from the doorway....Abigail.

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Generation One Chapter Six

It was on the girls's birthday when I started to feel more sick and nauseous. 

So I went to the shops and got a pregnancy test. I took it into the bathroom and followed the instructions.

It flashed positive!


He rushed into the bathroom. 

"What is it honey?" he asked.

"I'M PREGNANT!" I beamed.

"Oh my god! Babe that's great. That's fantastic!" he grinned.

We took each girl up to the cake and blew out the candle for them.

This is Bonnie. It turns out she inherited her Grandma Bessie's hair colour.

This is Becca. 

Months past and soon Becca took her first steps into Daddy's arms.

A cute picture of Bonnie.

A cute picture of Becca.

I was in the nursery when I went into labor.  It was extremely painful!

"Mumma why you scweaming?" Becca asked.

Luckily Xander was at home this time and he took me to the hospital to give birth, we left the girls with a babysitter.

And at the hospital was where I gave birth to beautiful Brendan Fox, a grumpy, athletic little boy!

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Generation One Chapter Five

It turns out that I was vomiting because I was pregnant! I was thrilled by the news!


Xander would jog around town early in the morning to wake him up. He would sometimes jog to work too; he says he works at a warehouse or factory  for toothpastes or something like that, not that fancy, but it brings us some money.

I decided to visit AJ. She had gotten married to a man called Leighton, who had a young son called Sam.

"So AJ; I have some REALLY good news" I said.

"I'm pregnant!" I grinned.


It turns out that AJ was pregnant too!

I decided to go to the libary and read a pregnancy book. After that I decided to work on my cooking skill, I didn't want my baby to be living on canned soup and cereal.

I made some mac and cheese for dinner, it turned out better than the hot dogs!

We ate, Xander appreciated my food and complimented my cooking.

"So Xander I have something to tell you" 

"I'm pregnant!"

"Oh my god! Babe, that's great. That's amazing!" he beamed.

"I can't believe I'm going to be a daddy!"

Xander was a real sweetheart during my pregnancy. He would clean the house, cook meals and fix broken objects!

I spent my day at the library. I wrote up my report about the local diner. The food was cheap yet rather nice there and most of the things I wrote about the diner was positive.

I also saw Cindy at the library. She was pleased for me and Xander.

Xander had also bought this beautiful painting from a local store! I loved it so much and hung it over our bed.

Months past and I suddenly woke up in the middle of the night as a sudden pain hit me. I got up and was standing in a pool of water....oh sh*t!

It was late at night and Xander was out. 

"OWWW! XANDER!" I answer. Where was he?

After an agonizing wait I gave birth to healthy baby girl who was named Bonnie and had the Loves The Outdoors and Artistic traits.

But just after I put Bonnie in her crib I felt another contraction!

And I gave birth to an adorable little girl called Becca who had the Artistic and Light Sleeper traits.

I awoke the next day to find Xander snuggling the girls.

"I love you so much little girl" I heard him whisper in each of the girl's ear. I smiled. It was going to be alright