Sunday, 22 May 2011

Generation One Chapter Five

It turns out that I was vomiting because I was pregnant! I was thrilled by the news!


Xander would jog around town early in the morning to wake him up. He would sometimes jog to work too; he says he works at a warehouse or factory  for toothpastes or something like that, not that fancy, but it brings us some money.

I decided to visit AJ. She had gotten married to a man called Leighton, who had a young son called Sam.

"So AJ; I have some REALLY good news" I said.

"I'm pregnant!" I grinned.


It turns out that AJ was pregnant too!

I decided to go to the libary and read a pregnancy book. After that I decided to work on my cooking skill, I didn't want my baby to be living on canned soup and cereal.

I made some mac and cheese for dinner, it turned out better than the hot dogs!

We ate, Xander appreciated my food and complimented my cooking.

"So Xander I have something to tell you" 

"I'm pregnant!"

"Oh my god! Babe, that's great. That's amazing!" he beamed.

"I can't believe I'm going to be a daddy!"

Xander was a real sweetheart during my pregnancy. He would clean the house, cook meals and fix broken objects!

I spent my day at the library. I wrote up my report about the local diner. The food was cheap yet rather nice there and most of the things I wrote about the diner was positive.

I also saw Cindy at the library. She was pleased for me and Xander.

Xander had also bought this beautiful painting from a local store! I loved it so much and hung it over our bed.

Months past and I suddenly woke up in the middle of the night as a sudden pain hit me. I got up and was standing in a pool of water....oh sh*t!

It was late at night and Xander was out. 

"OWWW! XANDER!" I answer. Where was he?

After an agonizing wait I gave birth to healthy baby girl who was named Bonnie and had the Loves The Outdoors and Artistic traits.

But just after I put Bonnie in her crib I felt another contraction!

And I gave birth to an adorable little girl called Becca who had the Artistic and Light Sleeper traits.

I awoke the next day to find Xander snuggling the girls.

"I love you so much little girl" I heard him whisper in each of the girl's ear. I smiled. It was going to be alright

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