Saturday, 28 May 2011

Generation One Chapter Six

It was on the girls's birthday when I started to feel more sick and nauseous. 

So I went to the shops and got a pregnancy test. I took it into the bathroom and followed the instructions.

It flashed positive!


He rushed into the bathroom. 

"What is it honey?" he asked.

"I'M PREGNANT!" I beamed.

"Oh my god! Babe that's great. That's fantastic!" he grinned.

We took each girl up to the cake and blew out the candle for them.

This is Bonnie. It turns out she inherited her Grandma Bessie's hair colour.

This is Becca. 

Months past and soon Becca took her first steps into Daddy's arms.

A cute picture of Bonnie.

A cute picture of Becca.

I was in the nursery when I went into labor.  It was extremely painful!

"Mumma why you scweaming?" Becca asked.

Luckily Xander was at home this time and he took me to the hospital to give birth, we left the girls with a babysitter.

And at the hospital was where I gave birth to beautiful Brendan Fox, a grumpy, athletic little boy!

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