Saturday, 28 May 2011

Generation One Chapter Six

It was on the girls's birthday when I started to feel more sick and nauseous. 

So I went to the shops and got a pregnancy test. I took it into the bathroom and followed the instructions.

It flashed positive!


He rushed into the bathroom. 

"What is it honey?" he asked.

"I'M PREGNANT!" I beamed.

"Oh my god! Babe that's great. That's fantastic!" he grinned.

We took each girl up to the cake and blew out the candle for them.

This is Bonnie. It turns out she inherited her Grandma Bessie's hair colour.

This is Becca. 

Months past and soon Becca took her first steps into Daddy's arms.

A cute picture of Bonnie.

A cute picture of Becca.

I was in the nursery when I went into labor.  It was extremely painful!

"Mumma why you scweaming?" Becca asked.

Luckily Xander was at home this time and he took me to the hospital to give birth, we left the girls with a babysitter.

And at the hospital was where I gave birth to beautiful Brendan Fox, a grumpy, athletic little boy!

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Generation One Chapter Five

It turns out that I was vomiting because I was pregnant! I was thrilled by the news!


Xander would jog around town early in the morning to wake him up. He would sometimes jog to work too; he says he works at a warehouse or factory  for toothpastes or something like that, not that fancy, but it brings us some money.

I decided to visit AJ. She had gotten married to a man called Leighton, who had a young son called Sam.

"So AJ; I have some REALLY good news" I said.

"I'm pregnant!" I grinned.


It turns out that AJ was pregnant too!

I decided to go to the libary and read a pregnancy book. After that I decided to work on my cooking skill, I didn't want my baby to be living on canned soup and cereal.

I made some mac and cheese for dinner, it turned out better than the hot dogs!

We ate, Xander appreciated my food and complimented my cooking.

"So Xander I have something to tell you" 

"I'm pregnant!"

"Oh my god! Babe, that's great. That's amazing!" he beamed.

"I can't believe I'm going to be a daddy!"

Xander was a real sweetheart during my pregnancy. He would clean the house, cook meals and fix broken objects!

I spent my day at the library. I wrote up my report about the local diner. The food was cheap yet rather nice there and most of the things I wrote about the diner was positive.

I also saw Cindy at the library. She was pleased for me and Xander.

Xander had also bought this beautiful painting from a local store! I loved it so much and hung it over our bed.

Months past and I suddenly woke up in the middle of the night as a sudden pain hit me. I got up and was standing in a pool of water....oh sh*t!

It was late at night and Xander was out. 

"OWWW! XANDER!" I answer. Where was he?

After an agonizing wait I gave birth to healthy baby girl who was named Bonnie and had the Loves The Outdoors and Artistic traits.

But just after I put Bonnie in her crib I felt another contraction!

And I gave birth to an adorable little girl called Becca who had the Artistic and Light Sleeper traits.

I awoke the next day to find Xander snuggling the girls.

"I love you so much little girl" I heard him whisper in each of the girl's ear. I smiled. It was going to be alright

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Generation One Chapter Four

We searched online for wedding venues, dresses and stylists. It was quite hard; dresses were expensive as were venues and we were on an extremely tight budget. In the end we settled for a beautiful beach wedding. My friend Cindy volunteered to do my hair and make up for our wedding. Xander said we would keep my surname.

I did the food for the wedding (mmm hot dogs, my favourite!)

Xander made the drinks. I had also finally convinced him to dump that old cap and let his hair out, it's such a beautiful colour! hot dogs didn't turn out as good as I wanted...but at least they were....erm edible...?

AJ was so happy she was pretty much hugging me and saying "Congratulations" throughout the whole wedding, she had kind of warmed up to Xander, but still had a slight grudge against him. 

Then I saw him...right from the corner of my eye. I knew that face...and I froze in my spot. 

I walked towards him.


"Oh shut up Abi, we all know you really don't want to be with that Xander guy. Remember how much you loved ME?"  his voice taunted.

"SHUT IT JACK!" I screamed.

"You only want him for money! That's all you've ever been after isn't it?!" Jack's voice shouted into my ear.

"All you want is to hurt people isn't it Jack? You always want the last word, you just LOVE seeing me in pain don't you?!" I bellowed.

"Honey are you okay?" asked Beatrice.

" don't know. JUST GET HIM AWAY FROM ME!" I said bursting into tears. At this point Xander heard my yelling.

Xander came quickly.

"It's him isn't it?" he asked, I nodded.

"YOU!" he yelled pointing at Jack. "How DARE you show your stupid evil face at our wedding!"

"How dare YOU steal what was rightfully mine!" bellowed Jack.

"You...You....GET OUT! If you EVER torment my wife or our family again then you'll be in for it! I shouldn't even waste my breath on people like you!" Xander shouted. Jack hesitated, he knew he couldn't fight back.  So he ran...and that was it...

"Are you sure you still want to do this babe?" Xander asked.

"Yeah, of course!" I replied.

We took each other's hands...

And he slid the ring onto my finger..

And we gazed into each other's eyes.

"You may now kiss the bride"

It was....magic

"ABI!" Cindy grinned pulling me into a hug. "Congratulations honey".

"Thank you so so so much for doing the whole stylist thing" 

"It's okay; it's what friends are for" she smiled.

"But why was HE here?" I said.

"It doesn't matter why. You're with Xander now, he loves you and that's all that matters" she said.

"Thanks hun" I said.

"No problem" she smiled.

It was late at night when we got home.

"I love you Abigail Fox" Xander said.

"I love you too Xander Fox" I smiled and he kissed me.

Erm....too much to drink....right?